Historic Eggberg Hillclimb Race
Bad Säckingen
2005 - 2012

Eggberg — the first races there started in 1913 and 1930.
The biggest events were the hillclimbs in 1947 and 1948, when former heroes like Petermax Müller, Baron Alex von Falkenhausen, Schorsch Meier, Karl Kling and Hans Stuck raced with their Bugattis, Veritas, Cisitalia, Alfa Romeos, BMWs and Maseratis for fame and championships. In these years motor-cycles started for the last time at the Eggberg.
From 1967 to 1988 again hillclimb races were held on this fascinating and very challenging track.
In 2005 the Eggberg Race restarted as a regularity-race for historic cars and finally ended up in 2012.

The track is 4,25 km long with 21 bends, the difference in height is 325 m, max. grade is 11%

Bad Säckingen is located at the river Rhein, directly at the B34 road from Waldshut to Swiss Basel, between South Black Forrest and Switzerland.

Organizer of the event
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